Swinburne Bookshop Co-op Membership

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Please supply your Swinburne Student/Staff ID (if you have one) with the order. You will be advised of your log in details through your nominated email address after your order has been processed.

By purchasing this item you agree to the following conditions:

I hereby apply to be admitted as a member of the above named society and to be allocated twenty (20) shares therein and in respect of such application. I lodge herewith in accordance with the rules the sum of $20.00 which sum is made up as follows:- 20 x $1.00 shares.

I am over the age of eighteen.

If this application is approved and the shares are allocated to me, I agree to be bound by the rules of the society and by the alterations thereof registered in accordance with the Co-operative Act 1996.

I agree that the university can supply the following information on my behalf: Name, Address, Telephone number and email address in accordance with the privacy statement below.

Please note that under the new 1996 Co-operative Act , a new "Active Membership" requirement exists. It reads as follows:- "a member shall be required to have at least one transaction in three consecutive financial years in order to establish active membership of the co-operative".

Also note that an administration fee exists which is set out as follows in the model rules :-
"a fee of an amount equal to the value of a member's share capital will become payable if the member is non-active for 3 consecutive financial years".

Privacy Statement

The Swinburne Bookshop Co-operative takes your privacy very seriously and acts in accordance with the privacy laws set out by the Privacy Act 1988 by the Commonwealth of Australia. This ensures that we will not sell or share your personal information including your email address to any other company or organization for any reason.

We may in the future send promotional information about the Bookshop but should you choose to 'unsubscribe' we will not send any communication to your email address again.

In accordance with the privacy act you may at any time request what information we hold on you in our database. You may also request amendments to this information at anytime. Requests for information and amendments can be obtained by emailing bookshop@swin.edu.au
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Swinburne Bookshop Co-op Membership